Remodeling with
Dutton Kitchen & Bath

Dutton Kitchen and Bath aspires to create amazing spaces for you, your family, and your friends. Before diving in, we create an extensive plan that covers all the key details and enables your vision to become the reality of your new home.

The Overview

First, we’ll meet and discuss your family and lifestyle and how your home can support you in the best way possible. We’ll talk about your daily activities and any special considerations that you may have. We will explore your design tastes, and look at designs in magazines, books and other resources as we develop further ideas for your home. We will create blueprints, floor plans, and assist in selecting colors, materials and accents. In addition to fitting your home to your wants and needs, we will explore your personal design style while keeping an eye on the long term investment.

Vision and budget sometimes don’t sync perfectly. But with the expertise of Dutton Kitchen and Bath, we will assist you in modifying plans and suggesting finishes that will render the most value for your budget. Our unique approach enables us to work within the budget, meet deadlines and provide the highest quality final outcome for your remodel.

Please take advantage of one of our free remodeling evaluations to get ideas and learn about the possibilities for your home.

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